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I grew up watching my mother and grandmother prepare concoctions for beauty, health and well being and putting together recipes that treated several different ailments. These treatments were not bought in stores, but rather prepared in my very own kitchen with all natural ingredients. I learned some of this traditional knowledge and then later on, complimented it with Integrative Herbal studies of Ayurveda, Chinese and Western medicine.
I also grew up watching religion, beliefs and traditions play a very important role in everyday life as it does in Mexico, where ancient beliefs met modern day practices. I witnessed first hand the power of spirituality, prayer and intention, which later translated in my life as meditation and affirmations.
Today, with this background and as a Reiki master, I understand that we are spiritual beings in nature and not just physical bodies. As a Heal Your Life ® Workshop Leader, I have seen the wonders of our minds and thoughts and how they can have a direct effect on our reality and physical bodies as well. As a herbalist, I treasure Mother Earth and her richness and know that she provides for every single one of our needs. Herbs and food are our best defense in maintaining good health and well being.
But in looking for wellness and health, one must observe the person as a whole. And one must understand the interaction of the person with all of its surroundings. 
It is with this holistic view of the person that we should address any type of issue, because we are not independent from our surroundings, lifestyles or even from our minds and spirit. 
And so, it is my honor to be able to share this knowledge and help others achieve their wellness goals in a way that will also have a positive effect on the community where they live. Let us, at Azomalli help you lead the life you want and reach a state of well being that will impact you and those around you in a very positive and proactive way.